From different occupations:
- catering, hospitality, industry, gardening
- excellent conditions
- great opportunity for progress
- satisfied employees


Variety of job positions:
- Student summer work
- Long-term and short-term employment
- Аccommodation assistance
- Possibility to learn German
About us

We help build bridges between the company and the candidates

We know how hard it is to find a secure job. As a service provider we help you to find the job you like, which suits you and meets the requirements of a modern working environment.

In particular, we offer jobs in the food service industry, as well as jobs in the classic gastronomy, and jobs in the general service industry such as retail or trade.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, whether you are looking for a temporary job or a long-term employment, we accompany and support you on this way.


You search, we find the right employee.

The search for the right employee is complex and consumes time and resources. The competitive pressure is increasing and the time for the research is decreasing. To make the search for the needle in the haystack easier for you, we can be the right partner at your side to find the right employee for you. Just try it out!

Find the job you like.

Finding the right company to help you with your hiring process is really important. Competition for companies increases, and your search time declines. To simplify that process, we are the right partner to find the right position for your requirements.

Our commitment is the reason for our success.

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      Our task as international company focuses on two areas: We acquire vacant positions provided by employers and are also constantly expanding our database of potential candidates.